Telecommunication Support Services

The focus is to ensure that site survey is done free from any encumbrances and telecom operators/Infrastructure companies comply with all regulations.

The Services include:

Technical Site Audit
Base Station Audit
Site Decommision services
Acquisition of Sites Decommision permits
Site Civil Works Monitoring and Inspections
ICNIRP Measurement
Health and Safety Assessment
Supply of Telecommunication equipments/gadgets
Provision of Site Acquisition Services
Acquisition and Renewal of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Acquisition and Renewal of Aviation Air Safety Permit (GCAA)
Acquisition and Renewal of Radiation Permit
Acquisition and Renewal of Fire Permit
Acquisition of Building/Constructional Permit
Notable clients includes:
ATC Tower Gh, Helios Towers Gh Ltd, Eaton Towers Ghana Ltd, African Towers Gh Ltd.