Solar Street Light Installation

The all in One Solar streetlight streetlights provide high intensity lighting at night and certainly eliminates electricity consumption. This can help minimize safety risks when traveling at night or during low light conditions, promoting safer and more accessible community environments.

The newest technology in street lightning which is the ALL IN ONE SOLAR STREETLIGHT that combines high efficiency LED light, Solar Panel, MPPT controller, Motion sensor (microwave sensor) and high capacity LiFePO4 battery, all of them put into a compact housing , that creates the extreme simple solar road applications. The cable-less structure makes it easy to install, efficient on lighting and saving energy.

Advantages of Using the All In one Solar Streetlight

  •  Our all in one solar street lights utilized monocrystalline silicon solar panels and waterproof resin package, which with high efficiency, lifetime is up to than 25 years and PV efficiency is more than 17%, what’ more, we also improve the waterproof rating as more than IP65.
  •  We also utilized the High-performance lithium iron phosphate battery, to ensure that the lifetime can be up to 8 years. Expecting this, all the components can be collocated according to customers requires, that is how Klems provide customers with good quality products and flexible services.
  • Everything is in the unit up at the pole.
  •  The use of lithium ion batteries that are smaller, lighter and last longer. 
  • Microwave sensor saves battery life and aids in security with change of brightening modes.
  • No human, pest or animal interference, giving it prolonged lifespan.
  •  Saves labour and materials costs for construction.
  •  Battery is not affected by water flooding or water choking as in the case of the traditional Solar Streetlights systems where batteries are most often stored at the base of the pole