Site/Property Acquisition Support Services

We provide site/property acquisition services. The focus is to ensure that sites/properties are acquired free from any encumbrances from the land owners. The acquisition services entail matters such as:

(a) Technical Site/Property Search Survey report.

(b) Identification of a proposed candidate or property owner.

(c) Preparation of Lease Agreement.

(d) Rent Negotiations

(e) Preparation of Site (Cadastral) plan.

(f) Conducting Search Report.

(f) Stamping procedures at the High Court or Oath of Administration.

(g) Securing Fire,EPA, GCAA, Radiation and Building Permits.

(h) Renewals of Existing Permits in respect of EPA,GCAA and Building Permits.

Notable clients include Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd, Scancom Ghana Ltd (MTN), Millicom Ghana Ltd (Tigo), ATC Tower Ghana Ltd, HTG Managed Services Ltd, Zen Petroleum Ltd, Eaton Towers, Surfline Ghana , Emerging Markets Power and Blu Telecommunications Ltd.