Land Administration, Property Law & Conveyancing

Land Administration, Property Law & Conveyancing
This division is responsible for Land Documentation, Registration of Title and Title Perfection, Lease Renewal and Restructuring, Site Surveys and Demarcations.

Obtaining proper title documents to a property is a very frustrating and time- consuming experience for most people. Our in-depth knowledge of the numerous processes that a document must pass through in the various state agencies will be at your service. We process documents from:

(a) Property demarcation and description.

(b) Liaising with solicitors on engrossment.

(c) Stamping procedures at the Lands Commission, Land Valuation Board and the Internal Revenue Service.

(d)Registration at the Lands Commission and Land Title Registry.

(e) Obtaining Town Planning consent and approval for development.

(f) Liaising with utility service providers on behalf of clients.

(g) Obtaining EPA Permit, GCAA Permit and Demolishing / Building Permit from the appropriate statutory authorities.

We provide a complete and efficient documentation service, which ensures that your title documents are delivered to your door, without delay. Notable clients include Blackwell Realty , Canal Group, Ghana International Property Centre Limited,,and Episcopal Relief Agency (NGO).